Injinji Socks: Ultra Compression Running Socks - Over the Calf

I’ve always been very partial to toe socks as my toes have the tendency to eat each other up when I run. I am also a frequent user of compression calf sleeves for my longer runs as well as for recover on days when my calves just can’t handle the stress of training or a race. I was thus, super-thrilled at the prospect of an all-in-one option of over the calf compression toe socks. 


Injinji Ultra Compression running socks have been kindly given to me by the local distributor to test and review.

What It Says On The Box

  • Lightweight 200 Needle Design, for softer feel and added durability
  • Graduated Compression from Ankle to Shin, for accelerated recovery and reduced muscle fatigue
  • Reflective Strips, for safety and visibility
  • Shortens Recovery Time
  • Prevents Blisters
  • Promotes Better Circulation
  • Gender Specific Fit
  • Seamless Design
  • Helps to Prevent Muscle Soreness
  • Breathable Mesh, for maximum ventilation
  • Arch Support, offers midfoot stability

Tech Specs

  1. Sizing:
  2. SMALL: Length from heel – 30 cm
  3. MEDIUM: Length from heel – 35 cm
  4. LARGE: Length from heel – 39.5 cm



The compression toe socks fit snugly but not too tightly on the calf and as expected in terms of sizing on the feet. There were no loose parts that rubbed or caused a blister. They did not slip or move in any way during my faster training sessions or on a long run, which was a pleasant surprise for me as I don’t have the biggest pair of calves.


The socks provided very good ventilation, in fact, I felt that they provided better ventilation than my regular calf sleeves. The material of the socks on the top part of the feet are woven differently to ensure that more ventilation is provided, and I felt that this worked out very well. There was no sweat gathered on the material during long runs in the heat (16 km 33 degrees celsius). No part of the socks felt like there was heating from friction at any point.


The socks provided a good level of graduated compression. I felt that they weren’t as snug as Compressport Calf Sleeves, but still felt that the socks actually did provide compression. I wore them for the very first time for recovery after a 16km run and as I took them off, felt the blood rush down to the calf muscles!!


They’re really, really pretty. This is because I’m partial to mint tones. I have received plenty of compliments. There are also reflective strips at the back of the calves to make sure that the wearer stays visible in low light, this is the first I’ve seen in a sock or calf sleeves, and is probably my favourite thing about these socks.


The material from which the socks are made are different from the regular line of Injinji socks that I have owned: they are thicker. Thicker also means they do not feel as soft to the touch. However, no part of the socks rubbed or caused blisters. After about 150 km of wear, I have found some piling that is normally expected out of the use in the area of the socks between my toes that have probably been caused by rubbing with the shoes. The amount of piling is no different from what I have experienced with other toe socks, and seem in fact less than my other pairs of regular short Injinji socks. The heel part was woven to provide more durability, and for me there is hardly any piling there. The reflective strips have seemed to stay put after washing them inside-out in the washing machine about 15 times


My second most favourite thing about these socks is the arch support. I have high-arched feet and in these, I feel that they give very good support (my arches feel hugged and loved) and prevents stitching. I particularly like to wear them for recovery when my arches are achy. The fact that the compression in these socks is provided all the way from the heel up makes me feel that they provide support to the Achilles area better than just wearing calf sleeves and socks separately.


I have found only one downside to these pair of socks and it is that they do take some time to put on, especially if you’re not used to toe socks. This could be detrimental to triathletes looking to make a speedy transition.

The Bottom Line

Beautiful toe socks that give great calf, ankle and arch support and provide just the right amount of compression, both for running and recovery.

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